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Outsourcing Bookkeeping as a Chiropractor

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Hey there, Dangerously in Love with Finance,

I am a solo Chiropractor based in Arizona who has always managed my own bookkeeping for my private practice. I had the opportunity to enroll in a bookkeeping class to learn the fundamentals. As my private practice continues to grow and I strive to expand further, it has become necessary for me to delegate the bookkeeping, accounting, finance, and other back-office tasks. However, I would like to still manage control of my business finance. Please provide guidance on how to handle bookkeeping when someone else is managing it for me.

Best regards,
Experienced chiropractic bookkeeper with a robust self-taught background

Hello Self-taught,

You took a class to enhance your bookkeeping skills? Impressive! This is music to my ears…..

As a business owner, you must recognize that you can’t do everything alone. For your business to grow, delegating tasks and letting go of some control is necessary.

Consider entrusting your chiropractic bookkeeping to a specialized firm that caters to chiropractors. These individuals need to have a firm grasp of bookkeeping specifically tailored to the needs of chiropractors.

Outsourcing doesn’t imply that you’re unable to review your financial activities. Maintaining control over access to your accounting software is highly advisable, as it is crucial to regularly review your financial transactions.

It’s best to delegate the bookkeeping tasks to a professional chiropractic bookkeeper who can handle the time-consuming work for you. Schedule monthly meetings and develop a relationship with your professional chiropractic bookkeeper.

During these conversations, discuss the financial movement within your business and other financial activities that are coming down the pipeline.

If you need assistance with your bookkeeping, reach out to us…as this is what we do…bookkeeping for chiropractors.

Your Chiropractic Bookkeeper

– Lozelle Mathai

Your Health, Wellness, & Fitness Accountant