Starting a New Spa and Massage Business

Starting a New Spa and Massage Business

Stephanie leaped at the opportunity to become a spa owner. In her excitement, in getting up and running, she never opened a business checking account and used her personal checking account to operate her massage spa.It wasn’t intentional, she was going to do it, but one day lend into weeks, which lend into months, which lend into the end of the year.When tax time approached, Stephanie needed to get financial statements and financial documents to her tax accountant, she couldn’t remember who the purchases belonged to. Were these purchases and deposits personal or were they for the spa?

Stephanie had a hard time distinguishing the expenses and deposits.

It took Stephanie two weeks to get her financial records together.

It wasn’t how she planned on utilizing her vacation time.

Stephanie, like so many spa owners and massage therapists, didn’t realize that she was separate from her business.

Her spa needs its own identity. By having a business checking account, savings account, and credit card, the spa can be its own person.

These accounts can easily be opened, as long as the spa has an EIN (federal tax identification number) number. The EIN is equivalent to a person’s social security number.

With a separate account, she can quickly identify the deposits coming in and out of her spa.

Why is this important?

Having a separate business checking account tells the IRS that you have a legitimate business.

The IRS frowns on co-mingling of funds. Co-mingling of funds means that personal money is being used to purchase business expenses without good reason or documentation. Co-mingling of funds also includes depositing your business deposits into your personal checking account.

Eliminate the hassle and headache, let’s get your spa set-up the right way. Give us a call or click here to contact us. We are here to help.

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