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Bookkeeping and Accounting for Mental Health & Counseling

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Financial Zen: the cornerstone to your mission of providing mental health & counseling services.

Healthy Bodies of Finance specializes in providing bookkeeping services specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of therapists. 

There’s no question that mental health is one of the most demanding professions today. It takes incredible mental energy, plus a genuine desire to help your patients. Every ounce of brainpower can make your success, so safeguard it by delegating when you can.

Ask for help with your mental health bookkeeping, insurance management, reimbursements, taxes and more. Let us take that on so you can maintain vital balance and newfound Zen within your mental health business.

We’d love to share what we know about mental health practices like yours. Call 971-337-0444 or submit a form inquiry for a free consultation.

“Lozelle is patient with me and teaches me – guiding me through the often confusing world of money and business. On top of that, Lozelle is full of playfulness and humor, making this world of bookkeeping fun.” – Jen A.

Fall dangerously in love with your mental health finances.

Our approach and systems are grounded in a heartfelt commitment to empower you.

We specialize in providing accounting and bookkeeping services tailored specifically for therapists, counselors, and private practices.

  • Are you a therapist managing your practice’s finances?
  • Is private practice bookkeeping and finances becoming complicated and time-consuming? 
  • Are you unsure about your private practice’s profit margin and organizational expenses? 
  • Do you want to stop stressing about taxes and having an emergency fund? 
  • Are you ready to get on payroll?
  • Tired of paying yourself inconsistently or minimally?

Most importantly:

  • Are you ready to stop doing it all and fall dangerously in love with your business finances?

We are here to help…as this is what we do.

Our services are essential for handling critical financial tasks such as efficiently managing income and expenses, monthly reconciliation, providing monthly financial statements, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and HIPAA, and helping therapists, counselors, and private practices owner build a profitable practice. 

By relying on us, therapists save valuable time and minimize the risk of errors by doing bookkeeping tasks themselves. We’re not just here to ease tax stress; we’re dedicated to helping you reclaim precious time and really grasp the “whys” and “hows” of running your mental health business.

Join us on this journey, sharing a few simple answers on our consultation form.

We’ll get back to you to discuss setting up a discovery consultation video call.

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