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ACCountiNg SerViCes

for Yoga, Pilates and Barre Studios

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Your passion is teaching yoga, Pilates and barre—perhaps both!

But it can be tough to grow your classes and membership – if you’re stuck behind a computer, studying numbers, managing the bookkeeping, and pondering the best ways to scale out your services.

Like many professionals in your industry, you may not have been offered comprehensive business and finance planning when you decided to be an instructor and business owner.

Deep breaths—that’s not your fault! And we are here for you.

Let go and leave the bookkeeping and finances to us, so you’re fully empowered to practice your passion. Namaste.

We’d love to share what we know about yoga and pilates studios like yours!

“Lozelle is very knowledgeable about all aspects of managing a small business and she truly cares about empowering women to manage their own finances. She is also funny and a joy to be around!!”  – Catherine C.

Fall dangerously in love with your Day Spa Finances

No one opens a yoga, barre, or Pilates studio without loving it first, and we share that passion! However, enthusiasm alone doesn’t always result in memberships. Our clients rely on us for the crucial accounting and bookkeeping numbers they need to understand, plan, and grow their studios to maximum success.

Are you concerned about how much time you spend on bookkeeping each month?

Does the thought alone of bookkeeping add extra stress to your day?

Do you ever feel unsure whether your financial records or tax filings are correct?

Are you behind on your bookkeeping, or unsure of your accuracy?

Are you ready to grow your studio?

Turn to us to transform your bookkeeping and accounting transactions into meaningful insights that gives you freedom to pursue your passion – delivering superior yoga, Pilates and barre services.

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Over the years, we’ve carefully curated our understanding of businesses in the health and wellness industry and have a full grasp of the ever-changing financial complexities they require. We bring that expertise to the table so you’re able to leave the books to us, freeing you up to fully focus on your clients and the services you provide.

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Focus on growth, we’ll handle the numbers to grow your wellness industry

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Virtual CFO

Your strategic financial partner in the financial complexities of wellness center finances

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Financial Education

Empower yourself with financial knowledge tailored to your Yoga or Pilates Studio

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Yoga, Pilates and Barre Studios

Contact us to learn more about our financial education, bookkeeping and CFO services for your wellness business.