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Founder, Lozelle Mathai – MBA, Certified Forensic Examiner, established Healthy Bodies of Finance because she saw a rather unhealthy pattern in the operations her health, wellness and alternative medicine clients.

Their education had been sorely lacking in the subject of bookkeeping, accounting, accounting technology and financial management, and it was effecting the health of their businesses as well as their quality of lives.

Our team’s goal is to make accounting, bookkeeping and accounting technology easier to understand and the whole process more friendly.

We clarify numbers and turn data into insights to help you make better, faster, more efficient business decisions—each and everyday.

Lozelle Mathai - Accounting and Bookkeeping for Health and Wellness Providers

Lozelle Mathai, MBA, Certified Forensic Examiner

Founder of Healthy Bodies of Finance

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Accounting Specialist

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