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Simplify Your Medical Practice Finances: Chart of Accounts Explained

Taking the Guesswork Out of The Chart of Accounts for a Medical Practice

Taking the Guesswork Out of The Chart of Accounts for Medical Practices

Picture it – Tigard, Oregon, a young doctor, let’s call her Dr. Nala had a small but growing medical clinic where she treated patients with the utmost care and expertise. However, despite her medical prowess, Dr. Sarah found herself constantly tangled up in the confusing web of accounting and bookkeeping for her medical practice, which started with her over complicated chart of accounts (CoA).

Dr. Nala realized she spent more time figuring out her finances than with her patients. She knew that to run a successful clinic; she needed to understand where her money was coming from and where it was going. That’s where the chart of accounts comes into play: the cornerstone of accounting. 

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What is a Chart of Accounts? 

The chart of accounts is a lot like a library’s catalog for finances.  Think of it as a list that helps put all the financial transactions of a business into some kind of order so that business owners can make sense out of chaos. 

So, Why Is a simple Chart of Accounts So Important? 

The first meeting I had with Dr.Nala was enlightening, as I reviewed the chart of accounts, which was three pages and a laundry list, with every possible expense and income transaction listed separately within her medical practice. I quickly realized that her complicated chart of accounts was more of a handicap than a help, which was causing a lot of her confusion.

The importance of a simple chart of accounts is as follows:

Clarity: ensures that financial data and related information are easily understood at a glance.

Efficiency: it saves time and the probability of error in the recording of transactions. 

Focus: enables business owners to focus more on the main areas of their financial activities without being distracted by those that will probably never affect their decisions.

Decision-Making: helps make a few hasty yet analytical decisions related to finance.

Why the Chart of Account Shouldn’t Be a Laundry List?

CoAs that resemble a laundry list is a recipe for disaster. Here’s why:

Complexity increases: The more detail added, the more clouded and out of proportion the bigger picture becomes regarding finances. 

It is time-consuming : To record each transaction separately into accounts. 

Increased errors: A more complex CoA increases the chance for errors. 

Analysis paralysis: Information overload can lead to indecision and, ultimately, analysis paralysis. 

As a health and wellness accountant, I knew Dr. Nala needed a CoA that was easy, simple, and clear.  A decent CoA should resemble a toolbox kept in good order; every tool or account should be there, and each tool should have its correct place, though there should not be too many tools.

Here are some valuable tips for a simple Chart of Accounts:

Do Not Over-Itemize: Instead of listing each type of medical supply bought group them into one category—Medical Supplies.

Be Consistent: Consistency for detail in your categories over time leads to clarity.

Use a Reasonable Number of Accounts: An economy of accounts—use only as many accounts as you need to quickly tell your financial story. Too few results in vague information; too many results in needless complexity.

The story of Dr.Nala is a reminder that simplicity can be powerful. By creating a straightforward Chart of Accounts,  any health and wellness owner can take control of their business finances and, more importantly, their peace of mind. 

simple chart of accounts example
Click to download example of a simple chart of accounts

Now, Dr. Nala can spend less time crunching numbers and more time watching medical dramas…uh, we mean, treating patients!

So, if you’re running a medical clinic (or any health and wellness business), take a leaf out of Dr. Nala’s book. For your Chart of Accounts – keep it simple, keep it clear, and watch how it transforms the financial health of your health and wellness practice/spa/studio. 

If you need any additional help, please reach out to us at Healthy Bodies of Finance for your health and wellness accounting, bookkeeping and financial management needs.

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